Abbaye de Fontfroide Via Hominis Blanc 20

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The Abbey of Fontfroide was founded in 1093 and is located deep in the heart of Occitanie, protected by the gently rolling hills of Corbières. The Cistercian abbey that houses the winery is a jewel of Romanesque architecture and now represents the estate's perfect confluence of history, tradition, and modern winemaking technology.

Laure de Chevron Villette, the owner of the Abbaye de Fontfroide and the winery of the same name, comes from a long lineage of wine growers and landowners in Corbières.

In your glass, this vibrant blend of 80% Chardonnay and 20% Vermentino presents a golden yellow hue, leading to aromas of stone fruits, white flowers, and citrus. The two grapes in the blend play very nicely together, with the Chardonnay providing ripe roundness and the Vermentino providing zippy nerve. I love the freshness of this blend -- just right for a hot summer afternoon.

Insider note -- this venerable property also makes some fantastic red blends. Watch the newsletter for details.


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