Ancora Garganega Venezie 21

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As many of my newsletter readers know, I have an unwavering preference for small estates and independent vignerons. Boutinot, however, is a unique exception to this preference, and you'll see quite a few of their wines gracing the shelves of the AWM.

Boutinot is a global wine company that's aptly demonstrated it's possible to do business and succeed in the wine world on a large scale while upholding high standards of quality and integrity. Since its inception in 1980, Boutinot has developed a sterling reputation for cultivating strong relationships with small independent vignerons, cooperatives, and family-owned vineyards worldwide. Despite being a major player in the global wine scene, the company's core philosophy is rooted in an appreciation for craft, quality, value, and authenticity, making them an outstanding partner for smaller producers seeking global market reach.

One of Boutinot's key strengths is its ability to bring affordable wines from cooperative and family-owned properties to the U.S. market, satisfying the ever-increasing demand for high-quality wines at a reasonable price. An excellent example is their partnership with Araldica Castelvero, resulting in the creation of Adria Vini. Boutinot and Araldica Castelvero have demonstrated how these joint ventures can offer exceptional, affordable wines that bridge the gap between traditional artisanal winemaking and the modern wine market's global demands.

Garganega is a white grape varietal originating from the Veneto in northeastern Italy and best known as the principal grape in the Soave DOC. Ancora Bianco Garganega is sourced from the IGT Trevenezie, a large area across Veneto that includes Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige. Garganega thrives here and produces refreshing, aromatic wines.

The charm of Garganega lies in its ability to express the character of the land in the glass, painting a vivid portrait of the Trevenezie region's distinctive terroir. These wines are typically bright and zesty, with an elegant balance of flavors. The soils in this region, often volcanic or limestone, help create a unique mineral tone in the wines, complementing their inherently fruity nature.

In your glass, the Ancora Bianco Garganega from IGT Trevenezie opens with refreshing notes of green apple, pear, a hint of crushed white flowers, and just a whisper of dried honey. The palate, the wine is delightfully bright and fresh, with zippy freshness and a nice underpinning minerality. The fruit-forward vibe is beautifully balanced with a subtle almond nuance, adding a new level of complexity to this best buy gem.

This lovely Garganega is light and refreshing, making it an ideal match for seafood, white meats, and it's the perfect foil for creamy pasta dishes. It's a screaming deal at $8.99 and will serve as a great porch sipper, helping you and your guests beat the summer heat at your next BBQ.

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