Arco Iris Rose Liter 20

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How about a smooth, easy-going Tempranillo Rosé that drinks like a dream and is super friendly to your budget. By the way, it's also a full liter, and it's an estate wine! We continue our love affair with Spanish wine with Arco Iris Tempranillo V from the Toro region of Spain.

You'd expect a liter of Tempranillo at such a low price to be a wine made by folks in lab coats working at a gigantic corporate winery. Nope, this wine is made with love by the farmers at Bodegas Fariña, a family-owned estate where they grow the grapes and make the wine.

Bodegas Fariña began in 1942 when Salvador Fariña planted the family's first vines in the dusty, arid terroir of the Toro. His tremendous pioneering efforts are well-acknowledged in the region since he was the first to embrace modern winemaking. Second-generation winemaker Manuel Fariña and his son Manu currently run the family property and remain dedicated to advancing their pioneering efforts.

The Toro's vast high desert landscape, especially in winter, looks more like a moonscape, and one indeed wonders how anything can grow here -- especially grapes. Once again, some of the most desolate, inhospitable parts of the planet produce exceptional grapes that make outstanding wine. The vineyards at Bodegas Fariña take full advantage of this punishing climate, and the roots of the old vines are forced to reach deep into the soil to find pockets of water.

Ok, I understand it's a little hard to believe that a full liter of super-tasty Tempranillo from a family-owned estate can make it all the way from the Toro to Asheville -- and sell for just ten bucks. Thanks to our friends and connections, here and in Europe, it's a reality!

There are a couple of factors that come together to make this happen. First, the Fariña family owns a ton of property, so there is a large economy of scale, resulting in a very reasonable export price. Secondly, I was introduced to this estate during my last buying trip to Spain with the husband and wife team of Eva López and Ignacio Alonso. They specialize in helping independent wine shops worldwide find the best quality and value in Spanish wine.

In your glass, the pale salmon leads to hints of red berry, strawberry, and watermelon on the nose. The light, breezy palate is all about easy-going and super soft strawberry and cherry that moves into a gently dry and crisp finish. This isn't an exercise in complexity; it's a refreshing no-brainer, perfect for the pool, party, patio, and porch.




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