Barnard Griffin Syrah 20

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Over the last decade, Washington State has continued to emerge as a key player in the American winemaking scene. Thanks to the top-quality wines made here from classic French varietals, the region is now firmly on the radar of wine lovers all across the globe.

This success is largely attributed to the state's unique climatic conditions, which have become increasingly favorable for viticulture during this time of critical climate change. Unlike California, where vignerons routinely face extreme weather events, rising temperatures, and a myriad of other climate-related challenges, Washington State's cooler and more predictable climate provides a more stable environment for growing classic French varietals. The region's distinct yet moderate seasons, with temperate summers and gently cool falls, offer an ideal growing environment for grapes to develop with nicely balanced ripe fruit and lifted acidity.

The impact of climate change on West Coast winemaking has undoubtedly been significant. As California vignerons grapple with the effects of warming temperatures and extreme weather events, those in Washington significantly benefit from the state's geographical location and topography. The Cascade Mountains create a rain shadow effect, resulting in terroir ideal for vineyards. This lucky combination of perfect terroir and cooler climate has allowed most of Washington State to side-step many of the climate change issues in California.

Barnard Griffin Winery, nestled in the heart of Washington State's wine country, was founded in 1983 by the husband and wife team of Rob Griffin and Deborah Barnard. Barnard Griffin is one of Washington's most venerable wineries and has the distinction of being one of the state's oldest family-owned and operated wineries.

In your glass, Barnard Griffin Syrah opens with notes of ripe blackberry and blueberry, leading to a smooth, rich palate of dark berries. Hints of smoky spice, dusted cocoa, and black pepper nicely frame the stunningly soft and supple finish. Pair this stunning Syrah with grilled meats, smoked brisket, and roasted veggies. Its smooth, soft tannins make it a terrific vegetarian-friendly option.


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