Bellula Chardonnay 20

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Bellula Chardonnay is a personal project sourced and made for our friend, local importer Jean-Philippe Bourgeois. It's a joint project Philippe produces along with the Languedoc estate of Château Saint-Jean D'Aumières. In addition to showcasing Philippe's talents at finding outstanding French wines, it features his remarkable ability to select and blend wines -- all of the juice for the Bellula wines are personally selected and blended by Philippe.

We've stocked this terrific Chardonnay from Philippe for more than ten years now, and every year I'm dazzled by the quality presented at such a reasonable price. For my palate, this vintage is a tad denser and riper with a more pronounced leesy complexity. I would pair this with white meats, both seared and from the grill, and it will do very nicely with white-fleshed fish.


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