Bidoli Merlot 20

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Merlot produced in Friuli, a region in northeastern Italy, is well-regarded for its elegant and refined characteristics. The grapes are typically grown in the Collio and Colli Orientali del Friuli DOC areas, and the soil and microclimate here are ideal for producing high-quality wines.

Friuli Merlot tends to be lighter and more elegant than the bolder, fruit-forward style of many New World Merlots. Friuli's cooler climate allows the grapes to ripen more slowly, producing fresh, lighter wines with less alcohol content.

This Bidoli family winery was established in San Daniele del Friuli in 1924 by Cavalier Alessandro Bidoli. Today, third-generation family members
Arrigo and Margherita Bidoli are continuing the family tradition. Together, they successfully transformed the family estate into a state-of-the-art winery that fully respects the region's history and tradition.

In your glass, Bidoli Merlot is fresh and lifted with earthy notes of cherry and plum on the nose. It's smooth and clean on the palate, leaving you wanting another sip, and it would be terrific with or without food. Pair this with chops, savory soups, stews, ragouts, roasted poultry, and grilled pork.

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