Black Elephant Rose Rebel 23

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Many of you who are acquainted with me know that when selecting wines for the shop, I'm especially intrigued by and gravitate towards independent vignerons who don't take themselves too seriously while producing excellent wines. Black Elephant Vintners fits squarely into that category.

Located in the drop-dead gorgeous Franschhoek Valley, Black Elephant Vintners was born out of synchronicity, fortuitous friendships, and a love for wine. Kevin Swart, Raymond Ndlovu, and Jacques Wentzel combined their skill and determination with a desire to bring fun back to serious winemaking and demystify the winemaking process for all wine lovers. Their goal was to create real wine for real people, and for my palate, they've succeeded wildly!

I can't think of a better way to define this wine than how the three partners characterize it on their blog:

"No one cares about the varietal that is used to make Rosé; it's all about the colour. After traveling to various global markets, we believe this is that colour. Committed to not making light-coloured water with plenty of acidity (a proxy for freshness), we have used the free-run juice from Pinotage. Often the first red grape in the cellar it has plenty of structure and fruit up front.

The Pink Camo label is a combination of both feminine and masculine values. At these times of nationalism and intolerance we believe you should Respect Existence or Expect Resistance.

Best paired with I Don't Like Mondays by The Boomtown Rats."

Despite its whimsical anarchic moniker, the gorgeous Rebel Rosé is everything you'd want it to be -- ripe, fresh and juicy while remaining perfectly and pleasingly dry. In your glass, the vibrant nose of strawberry and red berry leads to a lively palate of red raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon, with hints of citrus and peach mingling through the finish.

For my palate, Rebel Rosé is the top bang for the buck Rosé so far this year. It's also one of the first of the 2022 vintage to arrive at the shop. Load up on this one; you'll be happy you did!



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