Black Elephant Two Dogs, Peacock & Horse Sauv Blanc 22

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In the often hyper-serious world of wine, I always find it a breath of fresh air when I encounter wine-growers with a sense of humor. The guys at Black Elephant Vintners have that in spades. The thing is, while they have a great sense of humor, they take their wine-growing very seriously. I find that to be an engaging combination.

Their humorous demeanor was evident when our friend, South African wine importer Andy, introduced us to their "Rebel Rosé".

I spend a lot of time writing about wine, so when I get a chuckle from a winery's own take on their wine, I am often compelled to share their clever turn of phrase.

Perfect for pool parties and your 1000 closest friends. The centre of attention and often found on the backseat of cars, you won't believe the bottle is finished and will have to reach for another.

Everyone is looking for cool climate Sauvignon Blancs, as Franschhoek is a very hot valley in summer this is more in style. Very smooth and fruity this wine doesn't mess with you, no acidic heartburn after a few glasses.

Pairs best with Dance Some More by Mango Groove

Now, on to the more somber task of describing this wine -- not! 

This terrific white deftly combines everything I like about Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire, Marlborough, and West Coast all into one glass. There's minerality (Loire), zippy green and citrus notes (Marlborough), round and supple body (West Coast), and bonus notes of gooseberry and lychee (South Africa.) As Kevin so aptly states in the video above, Two Dogs, a Peacock & a Horse is indeed a pool party looking for a place to happen.

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