Masseria Borgo Dei Trulli Primitivo 21

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The heel of Italy's "boot" is home to Puglia, one of Italy's most prolific wine regions. This long and narrow "heel" of land stretches over 800 kilometers of coastline and features a vineyard-friendly climate influenced by the Mediterranean and Ionian Seas. Puglia's landscape is a verdant canvas of greens and browns, dotted with olive groves and vineyards, all exuding bucolic charm and rustic beauty. Art, culture, and rich history share the spotlight with viticulture in Puglia, and much like the southern coast of France, I find it to be an authentic and relaxing expression of country life​.


Primitivo is the most important red grape in Puglia and is central to the region's vinous identity. Luckily for local vignerons, Primitivo thrives on the limestone plateaus of the region, producing wines with bold flavors of blackberry, dark chocolate, and licorice. 


Although Primitivo is primarily recognized for its single-variety bottlings, it's frequently used to fortify the structure and body of Pugia's regional red cuvées. Interestingly, Primitivo shares a genetic identity with American Zinfandel, highlighting a transatlantic viticultural connection that dates back to the 18th century when Primitivo was brought from Croatia to Puglia and, eventually, California​.


Masseria Borgo dei Trulli is located in one of the most favorable viticultural regions of Puglia, featuring a collection of top-notch vineyard holdings in the villages of Sava, Manduria, Maruggio, and Guagnago. The estate grows the classic regionally indigenous assortment of grape varieties, including Primitivo, Negroamaro, and Malvasia Nera.


The estate's winery was built with deep regard for the local history and geography, and the result is a stunning contrast between the contemporary viticulture facility and the region's Masseria -- the traditional stone structures that date as far back as the 7th-8th century BC. 


In your glass, you'll find a terrific blend of lush fruit, savory spice, and gently rustic structure. An inviting nose of blue fruits opens to a palate of lush plum and dark cherry, wrapping up in a smooth finish of dark berry and spice. The soft yet present structure keeps the lush fruit in check during the clean, lengthy finish.


Pair this Puglian gem with pasta, pizza, red sauces with meat, and your favorite grilled poultry and lighter red meat preparations.

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