Buxy Chalonnaise Chardonnay 21

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For me, the Côte Chalonnaise, a lesser-known sub-region of Burgundy, is one of the truly hidden gems of the wine world. Nestled between the more famous Burgundy AOCs of Côte de Beaune and Mâcon, it offers a remarkable array of wines that deliver exceptional value.

Like most of Burgundy, the terroir of the Côte Chalonnaise is particularly suited for Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Gamay. The limestone-rich soil and favorable climate produce wines with a distinctive minerality and plenty of elegance. Although often overshadowed by its more illustrious neighbors to the north and south, the Côte Chalonnaise is a treasure trove for wine lovers on the hunt for super-solid Burgundy without the hefty price tag.

Vignerons de Buxy, a cooperative winery with a rich tradition and significant influence in the Côte Chalonnaise, is located in the heart of Côte Chalonnaise with vineyards surrounding the villages of Buxy and Saint-Gengoux-le-National. Established in 1931 by a group of passionate winemaking families, this cooperative has grown into a benchmark of community-driven production, with over 120 families contributing fruit and winemaking skills.

We recently previewed the new vintage release from the Vignerons de Buxy, and the star of the show was their Bourgogne Côte Chalonnaise Chardonnay. We found it to be a beautiful expression of Côte Chalonnaise terroir, sourced from Chardonnay grown on limestone and clay soils.

In your glass, a quick swirl or two introduces aromas of green apple, citrus, and subtle notes of white flowers. The palate is pure Burgundy, focusing on orchard fruit framed by delicate citrus with a smooth, clean, mineral-driven finish.

This best-buy Burgundy will pair wonderfully with all of your favorite seafood creations, particularly shellfish like scallops or shrimp. Its balance of bright fruit and minerality will nicely complement the gentle sweetness of the shellfish. It's also an excellent match for chicken or white meats and will cut through creamy sauces like a champ. Try it with a goat cheese salad or a creamy risotto for a lovely vegetarian alternative.

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