Castano Yecla Monastrell 20

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Like many wine-producing regions along the southern coast of Spain, the Yecla DO's unique microclimate is blessed by a continental influence with just the right touch of the Mediterranean. Add the limestone-rich terroir to the equation, and you have the perfect recipe for growing Monastrell.

Monastrell, known in France as Mourvèdre, plays the central role in the Yecla DO's wine heritage. It's found a perfect home here, flourishing in the hot, dry climate. Monastrell, grown in this region, produces rich, full-bodied, expressive wines with an unmistakable Mediterranean vibe. Monastrell is absolutely inseparable from Yecla's winemaking heritage and accounts for 90% of the grapes harvested from the DO.

Bodegas Castano is a venerable family-run winery located in the Yecla DO. Established in 1950 by the Castano family, the estate is as rich in tradition and history as the wines it produces. The third generation of the Castano family is taking over the reins, and they're continuing to build on the family's sustainable farming practices and minimal intervention winemaking philosophy.

While Monastrell finds a happy and productive home in Spain, the grape is also prominent in France as Mourvèdre, regularly appearing as the M in the ubiquitous GSM blend in the south of France. Generally, the French expression of Mourvèdre leans toward slightly more structured wines with dark fruit red notes and a more savory finish. In contrast, Spanish Monastrell, especially from southern coastal regions like Yecla, showcases a warmer, sun-drenched profile with more opulent fruit.

The Monastrell vines of Bodegas Castano, blessed with the ideal limestone soil and climate, provide the perfect conditions for Monastrell to reach its full potential. With a holistic approach to farming, hyper-focused on the local terroir, the Castano family ensures a perfect traslation from vineyard to glass.

In your glass, this wine bursts with notes of ripe blackberries, plums, and black cherries, framed by hints of rosemary, thyme, and sun-baked earth. On the palate, the smooth, rich fruit is balanced by velvety tannins finishing with well-blended notes of fruit, spice, and a touch of minerals.

I find this best-buy Monastrell to be a super-food-friendly red. As a starting point, think grilled rosemary and garlic-rubbed lamb chops, hearty stews like the Spanish favorite cocido, and absolutely anything you make with chorizo. The wine's super-smooth tannins make it a perfect partner for vegetarian fare -- I'd especially recommend it with mushrooms and truffle-infused dishes.

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