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Cesari is one of the most highly-regarded Amarone and Valpolicella producers in the Veneto. The estate began in the mid-1930s when Gerardo Cesari planted his first vines on the property. Cesari Amarone and Valpolicella Ripasso are certainly world-class wines; however, in true AWM fashion, today we're drilling down to their entry-level IGT Rosso. It's a fabulous Tuesday-Night gem that drinks like a baby Ripasso!

The 2019 Cesari Jùsto Rosso Veneto Appassimento is a smashing-good everyday wine and a red that's ready to please even the most varied palates of your friends and family. 'Jùsto' combines the Italian word 'giusto' with the English 'just.' According to the winery, it's their little play on words referring to this wine's production: "An elegant wine in which a fair balance of all elements has been achieved, identifying just the right amount of time drying the grapes and therefore just the right level of concentration."

Jùsto Rosso is a blend of 60% Corvina Veronese and 40% Merlot. After harvest in late September, the grape clusters are gently placed in single layers into drying boxes. The Appassimento process begins when the fruit is dried for 20-30 days resulting in a partial evaporation of the grape's water content. This shriveled appearance of the grapes is handily noted by the line drawing on the label.

The magic of the Appassimento process occurs as the water evaporates; the juice becomes beautifully concentrated while the tannins remain silky-soft -- it's the same method used for Amarone and Valpolicella Ripasso, the two most famous wines of the Veneto.

If you're a fan of reds from the Veneto, especially Valpolicella Ripasso, Jùsto is right up your alley! In your glass, it's all about vibrant black cherry framed by notes of earth and brown spice. The palate sports a velour-like softness with just the right amount of tannin to keep the luscious fruit in check.

Jùsto is a terrific party red that your guests will love; however, it's wonderfully food-worthy as well and will shine with pasta, pizza, red sauce, roasted birds, and chops.

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