Paolo Manzone Dolcetto d'Alba Magna 19

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Since medieval times, the name Frescobaldi has been inextricably connected to Tuscany. The family developed a powerful banking empire through the generations, becoming significant patrons of the arts, architecture, and winemaking. Their influence in the world of wine still stands today, as they continue to own and manage a portfolio of top-tier Tuscan estates.

Once again, take a world-class organization, drill down to their entry-level wines, and chances are, you'll find some gems. That's precisely the case with Frescobaldi's Villa di Rèmole Toscana IGT. Rèmole is the epitome of a Tuesday Night Red. Equally at home on the porch and patio, as with pasta and pizza, it's a great red to have around for casual meals and unexpected guests. Hammond and I have added this to our regular rotation of house-reds!

In your glass, this medium-bodied red is redolent of red berries on the nose, with subtle hints of spice and crushed flowers. The smooth palate is bright and lifted, framed by just the right amount of easy-going tannins. It comes in at just 12.5% so that you can enjoy that guilt-free second glass!


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