San Michele Rondinella Veneto Rosso 18

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Are you looking for something different for the Holidays this year --perhaps a best buy from Italy? The San Michele Rondinella could be just the thing. I'm told the local translation of Rondinella is "little swallow." I think it could also unquestionably translate as "super tasty light red from Italy that screams Thanksgiving!"

As I often opine, one of the best ways to find value in the wine world is first to find a great producer and then drill down to their entry-level releases. Nine times out of 10, they're a tremendous bargain with outstanding quality that filters down from the top tier. 

San Michele Rondenilla is a Rosso Veronese IGT — while that alone may not be particularly captivating, it begins to get interesting when you note that San Michele produces top-quality Valpolicella Ripasso and also Amarone!
The San Michele Rondinella is very similar to the very popular "Arepo" we featured earlier in the year and shares the same lovely richness and gloss to the fruit. In the glass, like the "Arepo," you'll find an explosion of vivid red fruits on the nose, along with hints of rose, violet, and tobacco leaf.
The palate is nicely lifted and has plenty of richness to counterpoint the subtle smoky, earthy notes — there's a ton of great fruit, yet this is no lollipop. Cherry, red berry, and especially red raspberry circle around ample acidity and notes of savory herbs. All in a super smooth framework with present yet super silky tannins.
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