Crosby Cabernet Sauvignon 18

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In addition to the wines I source and arrange with my own contacts, I'm always on the lookout for the personal projects and private-label bottlings from well-regarded importers. The Crosby Cabernet Sauvignon is a perfect example!

New York importer T. Edward is the creator of the Crosby wines. It's the newest private-label project made for the importer, and it comes to us via Asheville's own Kate Stamps. For years, T. Edward has forged connections across the globe, creating exceptional opportunities for sourcing private label projects.

Crosby wines are crafted from declassified grapes sourced at various estates in top California AVAs. The source vineyards remain a secret since these same grapes find their way into much pricier brands. According to the folks at T. Edward, the Crosby line was created to "bring varietal and vintage correct expressions to wine lovers at reasonable prices." They have certainly succeeded in that quest!

Crosby Cabernet Sauvignon is a superbly refreshing style of California Cab. There's a ton of ripe red plum and blueberry fruit on the nose and palate; however, plenty of lift and acidity keep this medium-bodied Cab super clean through the supple finish. Tannins are present, but they're smooth and silky, making this a great everyday, easy-drinking Cab.



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