Di Majo Norante Terre degli Osci Sangiovese 20

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Nestled in the heart of Italy's central coast, Campomarino is a picturesque town in Molise, a region often overshadowed by its more famous wine-producing neighbors. As Italy's second smallest wine region, Molise is emerging as a significant player in the Italian wine scene, thanks to the local vignerons deft blending tradition of tradition with innovation.

With its Adriatic coastline and rugged interior landscapes, the region features a diverse range of soil types and microclimates, providing terrific growing conditions for a variety of indigenous grapes. Though lesser-known in the wine world, the region is quickly gaining well-deserved recognition for top-quality yet reasonably-priced wines that beautifully translate the unspoiled terroir of Italy's Adriatic coast.

Di Majo Norante stands out as one of Molise's benchmark producers, and the property is entering its fourth generation of family ownership. The estate is nestled in the quaint village of Campomarino, and its vineyards dot the rolling hills in the fertile lands of the southern Apennines. The combination of loose, sandy soil and gentle summer breezes in the vineyards is just what the grapes want.

At the heart of Di Majo Norante's success is the fierce commitment to the region's ecological health combined with a fearless journey into vinicultural innovation. The family focuses on native, indigenous vine clones, skillfully adapting them to the region's unique terroir. This approach allows the family to grow an impressive collection of varietals, from robust reds like Aglianico, Sangiovese, and Montepulciano to delicate whites such as Falanghina and Greco.

Di Majo Norante's respect for the region extends beyond winemaking; it is deeply embedded in their environmental ethos. The winery has long adopted organic and biodynamic viticulture practices, strongly prioritizing the biodiversity in its vineyards. This commitment continues further with their use of organic fertilizers and natural, non-invasive pest control. They allow native flora to flourish, promoting a balanced ecosystem that benefits the soil and the vineyard's diverse inhabitants. This approach enhances the soil's health and drainage while promoting a habitat for valuable microorganisms and beneficial predator insects.

Di Majo Norante Terra degli Osci Sangiovese is a perfect example of how well Sangiovese has adapted to the climate and soil conditions in Molise. In your glass, this supple Sangiovese greets you with inviting aromas of ripe red fruits, especially cherry and plum, mingled with gentle whispers of earth and spice. On the palate, you'll find this smooth Sangiovese nicely relaxed compared to its cousins in Tuscany, finishing a touch lighter and brighter.

Terra degli Osci Sangiovese will pair exceptionally well with all of your favorite traditional Italian cuisine, notably pasta preparations with rich tomato-based sauces, lighter grilled meats, and aged cheeses. The silky red fruit and relaxed tannins will beautifully complement your arsenal of Italian herbs and spices, and the balanced fruit and acidity will deftly cut past the richness of meaty stews and ragouts.

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