Dom Desroches Mancois Gamay 20

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The Touraine Cabernet Franc from Domaine Desroches-Mançois featured last week sold out in the blink of an eye. I'll be tasting the next vintage release in March, so I anticipate more will arrive this summer.

In the meantime, I encourage you to try their superb Gamay. It's a classic expression of Gamay from the Loire and has also become an instant favorite!
Domaine Desroches-Mançois is one of my most recent finds, and I'm delighted to make their terrific wines available to AWM customers. It's precisely the kind of estate I love to bring into the AWM Hand-Picked Selections fold:
It's a small family owned and operated Domaine
Their production focuses on quality instead of quantity
They're working towards organic certification
They produce excellent wines at a reasonable price

The wine-producing region of Touraine is located around the historic city of Tours in the Loire Valley. The region's abundance of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and wine earned it the nickname "Farm of France."

Touraine became the summer home of French monarchs in the late 1500s. The region's expansive and aristocratic summer homes continue to stand as a spectacular collection of castles along the Loire Valley and are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To build these enormous structures, local artisans dug deep into the soil to source the necessary materials. The seemingly endless miles of tunnels and underground chambers this created turned out to be ideal for maturing wine.

Domaine Desroches-Mancois is located in Saint-Georges-sur-Cher, one of Touraine's most significant wine-growing municipalities. The property was established in 1980 by Jean-Michel Desroches, and in 2017, it was purchased by young winemaker Aurélie Mançois.

Aurélie farms 20 hectares of vineyard, concentrating mainly on Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc, Gamay, Malbec, and Pinot Noir. She produces a wide variety of white, red, Rosé, and sparkling wines, and I'm delighted that most of her selections are now available here at the shop!

In your glass, aromas of dark cherry and raspberry spring from the glass with lovely secondary notes of herbs and spice. The palate is super smooth, rich, and bright. This medium-bodied Gamay will pair nicely with roasted poultry, grilled and blackened tuna, and pork dishes.

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