Dom Galtier L'Esprit Des Souches Rouge 17

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Domaine Galtier is located 18 kilometers north of Béziers, between Murviel-les-Béziers and Causses-et-Veyran.  Originally known as Mas de Maury, land records show that the estate, complete with its dovecote -- a square tower used for housing pigeons or doves -- was established as early as 1587. From that first recorded owner in 1587 until the present day, the estate has passed through many hands; however, it's preserved its unique character and cultural richness. 


In 1945, the Galtier-Carbonne family acquired the estate and began expanding and replanting the vineyards. In 1996, current owners Jean Carbonne and his wife Lise began producing wine as Domaine Galtier. Lise Carbone, the estate's winemaker, is also responsible for managing the vineyard's grape varieties, updating the winery's cellar, and managing business operations.


Domaine Galtier L'Espirit des Souche is the entry-level wine of this traditional Languedoc estate, and it's a perfect example of how an entry-level wine from a well-run estate carries the same lineage of quality as their top wines. In your glass, this classic Languedoc GSM blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre is redolent of dark berry, blueberry, and plum with heaps of garrigue on the nose and palate.


The rich, dense fruit has plenty of lift and brightness, finishing with dark cherry, blueberry, black pepper, brown spice, and roasted herbs. Perhaps the most alluring aspect of this gorgeous red is the bottle age -- the family holds each bottling back for extra time in the cellar at the Domaine. This additional time in the bottle builds wonderful bottle complexity and lovely tertiary notes on the nose and palate.


This red gem will pair perfectly with grilled meats, savory stews, ragouts, and braises and is soft and pretty enough to enjoy without food. 






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