Domaine des Gaudets Beaujolais Blanc 22

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Christophe Sornay is the driving force behind Domaine des Gaudet, a small family-owned Domaine located in the heart of Beaujolais. Christophe has been surrounded by vineyards all his life, and winemaking has been a proud family passion for generations.

His family's estate and primary vineyard holdings are located in the quaint village of Morgon, known for its fresh, elevated red wines made entirely from Gamay. The vineyards are meticulously managed, and Christophe deftly maintains a perfect balance of traditional and innovative in the winery and cellar.

Christophe Sornay is the fifth-generation steward of Domaine des Gaudet and has passionately managed the familys property in the commune of Villié-Morgon since 2007. Over the years, Christophe has increased the family's vineyard holding to more than 12 hectares, and he was the first of his family to plant Chardonnay on the estate.

While the Beaujolais region is primarily known for its red wines made from Gamay, Christophe has joined the ever-growing list of Beaujolais vignerons who make Beaujolais Blanc. Like many of his neighbors, Christophe recognized the incredible potential of Chardonnay in the region and how it's a great alternative to the Chardonnay from just across the border in Burgundy.

In your glass, you think you're sipping a White Burgundy from the Mâcon. Aromas of green apple, pear, and white flowers greet on the nose, leading to a balanced palate of citrus, orchard fruit, and minerality. A gorgeous yet subtle note of toasted almonds gently points to the crisp and refreshing finish.

The balanced freshness of Domain des Gaudet Beaujolais Blanc makes for an excellent pairing with poultry and seafood, especially grilled shrimp or seared scallops. It will also do very nicely with creamy pasta dishes and soft cheeses -- the crisp, clean brightness on the palate provides a very refreshing counterpoint.

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