Elicio IGP Rose 20

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Local-Global at its best!

Here’s a another wine that’s as local-global as it gets. It starts with a family-owned and operated vineyard in France, a French importer who lives here in Asheville, a small regional North Carolina distributor, and of course, yours truly, the AWM. I love wines that are sourced entirely from small independent businesses and artisans!

Elicio Grenache-Syrah Rosé is sourced from vineyard plots adjoining the village of Tour d’Aigues, south of the Luberon Massif. The hillside vines benefit from the lively air currents, cooling the grapes during the balmy summer nights. There’s next to no intervention in the winery, which preservers the delicate fruit aromas and vivid freshness. The beautiful salmon color leads to a nose packed with fresh red raspberry notes and a dry, crisp palate of strawberry and raspberry.

Pure Pink Pleasure in the glass!

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