Gateway Vinho Verde 21

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If you enjoy sipping wine outdoors in the summer, chances are you've poured a glass or two of Vinho Verde. This cool, crisp porch-sipper is the perfect antidote to the heat of summer and the ideal addition to any pool party or beach gathering.

Vinho Verde doesn't refer to a grape — it refers to the region in northern Portugal that produces the spritzy thirst-quencher. The name literally translates to "green wine," however, locally, it means "young wine," indicating that the wine was bottled for market 5 or 6 months after harvest. This early bottling captures all of the tangy freshness and can retain just a touch of C02, providing that signature gentle spritz.

You'll find the Vinho Verde wine region in the northwest corner of Portugal, bordered by the Tras-os-Montes and Duoro wine regions to the east and the Lafões and Dão to the south. The Vinho Verde denomination is the largest DOC in Portugal, consisting of nine sub-regions, each placing its distinctive stamp of terroir on their Vinho Verde.

Gateway is a traditional style of Vinho Verde, low in alcohol with a slight fizz and plenty of freshness. It's made from a blend of Trajadura, Loureiro, Arinto, and Azal, all sourced from the Amarante sub-region. The Gateway pink is a blend of Espadeiro and Touriga Nacional, also sourced entirely from Amarante.

In the glass, the fresh and tangy White Gateway has just a gentle hint of spritz that leads to a crisp, clean lemon-lime palate, finishing with a nice touch of white melon. The Rosé Gateway shares the same pleasant spritz and adds a hint of delicate red fruit to the palate. Both are pleasingly dry and make a great low alcohol alternative to an afternoon gin and tonic.

Pair these crip Vinho Verdes with all of your late spring and summer fare, including cold soups, salads, chicken, and seafood. Both are especially food with shellfish, and the pink would do very nicely with salmon.

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