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It's certainly been a crazy year. Thanks to a combination of the pandemic, tariffs, problems with global shipping, and odd-ball weather-related issues, this has been one of the most challenging years to keep the supply of our favorite beverage flowing. I have to admit; I was more than a little worried about Burgundy. Thankfully, those worries were unfounded! 
I feel fortunate indeed that I've been able to forge some great friendships in the wine world. The wonderful vignerons, importers, negotiants, and brokers I've met over the years are consummate professionals, and I am thankful for their tireless effort and guidance throughout this challenging year.
Despite the curse of 2020, I was still able to source wines from almost all of our favorite vignerons. Best news -- I can offer most of those at 2019 prices. Happily, Domaine des Granges Mâcon-Villages is one of those!
The Macôn is all about Chardonnay, and for me, it’s the epicenter of affordable Chardonnay from Burgundy. The most famous Chardonnay from this region is Pouilly-Fuissé, produced in the area surrounding the two Macônnais villages of Pouilly and Fuissé.
There are other villages-designated wines named for their vineyard locations such as Mâcon-Chaintré, Mâcon-Fuissé, Mâcon-Vinzelles, and Mâcon-Charnay. Wines that are labeled Mâcon-Villages are regional wines from a broad area of the Mâcon and blended from village sites throughout the entire region.
The Paquet family settled in the Mâcon in the 1950s, securing vineyard property in the village of Fuissé. The family's base of operation is Domaine De Fussiacus — named after the Roman governor, who founded the village of Fuissé. The family's vineyard holdings stretch over gentle south-east facing hills, featuring clay and limestone soils. Organically farmed vineyards, hand harvesting, and natural yeast inoculation all add up to stellar quality Chardonnay!
The family vineyards were acquired years ago by Yannick's father, Jean-Paul Paquet, producing wines under the Domaine Domaine de Fussiacus and Domaine Jean-Paul Paquet labels. After Jean-Paul passed management duties on to his son, Yannick became the third generation grower and winemaker at his family's property. "Domaine de Granges" is an exclusive second label Yannick makes for our buying group. Yannick is a true fanatic for detail in vineyard and winery, and his meticulous devotion to quality leads to outstanding results in the bottle.
In the glass, this wine will remind you of just how much you love White Burgundy. I love the quality and attention to detail of this Pouilly-Fuissé producer that drills directly down to their Mâcon-Villages. Thanks to the property's higher elevation and the calcareous soil, there's a beautiful lift and nerve that's in perfect balance with a creamy richness.
Golden apple and yellow fruits meet notes of preserved lemon and citrus, all joining in a fresh and vibrant palate. This versatile Chardonnay is a delight on its own and will shine with roasted or grilled chicken, lighter pork dishes, and of course, seafood.
Chardonnay lover? Burgundy lover? Stock up on this outstanding value from a small family vigneron.
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