Jeremie Huchet Les Quinze Hommees Muscadet 19

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If one were attempting to put any sort of positive spin on the effects of global warming, that argument could undoubtedly include Muscadet. There are very few wine regions or grape varietals that have dodged the climate change bullet, and Muscadet is one of them. Muscadet, grown in the easternmost parts of the Loire Valley, has not only dodged that bullet but has also managed to benefit from the change.

Anyone who knows my palate and preferences knows that I lean towards brighter, fresher wines with ample acidity that nicely balances the ripeness of fruit. My first experience with Muscadet was back in the late 70s, and I remember thinking that I was sipping a lightning bolt. The wine was pretty lean and stark, with the brightness and acidity way out in front of the lonely fruit.

Fast forward to today, and it's an entirely different story. The Muscadet currently produced in the Loire still retains marvelous lift and acidity; however, it also features significantly more generous fruit due to the warmer growing conditions.

Jérémie Huchet represents the new wave of rock-star winemakers putting their stamp on Muscadet in the eastern Loire. Much like his friend and occasional collaborator Jérémie Mourat, Jérémie Huchet operates with an adroit blend of tradition and cutting edge technology. His wines are widely considered a benchmark representation of Muscadet terroir, and I regard them as some of the finest wines made in the region.

Love Sancerre and other Sauvignon Blanc-based wines? This Muscadet is right in your wheelhouse. It opens up in your glass with aromas of white flowers and citrus, along with a subtle honeyed note the foreshadows the richness of fruit you're about to enjoy on the palate.

The zippy beam of acidity on the pleasing dry palate lingers nicely through the ripe fruit and the middle palate slides into a lengthy finish framed by lemony minerality. The lovely honeyed note on the nose reappears on the palate as it warms in your glass, providing a gorgeous gloss and richness and making this a super-versatile white for enjoyment all year.

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