Latue Rosado 21

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As I often opine, I'm a big fan of well-run Cooperatives. I consider these community wineries the unsung heroes of the wine world, and the fruit of their labors quenches the thirst of wine lovers across the globe. Most importantly, they are oftentimes the sole economic and social backbone of rural communities. Bodegas Latúe is a shining example of a well-run Cooperative winery.


Bodegas Latúe began as San Isidro Cooperative in 1954 and was formed by 130 families determined to provide exceptional wines for their regional market. Some fifty years later, after enduring the test of time and countless geopolitical challenges, the Co-Op has grown to more than one thousand families and currently farms four thousand hectares of vineyards. Bodegas Latúe continues to operate as a socially responsible, sustainable, and ecological organization, maintaining its keen focus on quality with respect for the land and the community.


In the glass, you'll notice year's Latúe Rosado is quite a bit lighter in color than the last vintage. Don't let the light color fool you -- this Rosado has a gorgeous density of fruit! Aromas of red berry, strawberry, and red currant greet you, leading to a palate of spicy red berry and herbal notes. The ample richness and weight of the middle palate make this pink suitable for heartier fare, and it will pair nicely with white meats and poultry from the grill.


Extra bonus: Bodegas Latúe is a true local-global wine brought to us by local Asheville importer Jean-Philippe Bourgeois. Buying this supports small businesses and families here and abroad.

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