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I find the Languedoc to be one of France's most exciting and varied wine regions. The region extends along the Mediterranean coast, stretching from Provence all the way to the Spanish border. Wine has been made here for over 2000 years, and some vineyard sites have remained in near-constant production since Roman times. Laurent Miquel's family farms 200 hectares of some of the finest vineyard sites here, most featuring old vine plantings with very low yields.

Laurent's family has been growing grapes and making wine in the Languedoc since 1791. I think it's pretty safe to assume this wealth of experience has provided a unique understanding of the Languedoc's terroir and wine production. Laurent has taken this knowledge, passed down from generation to generation, and combined it with a master's degree in engineering and a degree in winemaking from the University of Montpellier. With this incredible confluence of knowledge, Laurent has embarked on a lifelong quest to make the Languedoc an internationally recognized and respected wine region.

In your glass, the blend of 70% Syrah and 30% Grenache is a lovely melange of red fruits. Right away, you'll notice the silky-smooth texture on the palate. Notes of dark chocolate and spice frame the velvety finish with just the right amount of tannin present to keep the finish clean.

Laurent Miquel's Syrah-Grenache is, for sure, a classic Tuesday Night Red. It's undoubtedly a red I would choose for casual sipping out on the porch or patio; however, I find it to be super food-friendly as well, and it will pair wonderfully with just about anything from the grill.

Languedoc - France's most varied wine region
It is no exaggeration that Languedoc is among France's most exciting and varied wine regions. In this area, which extends along the Mediterranean coast from Provence to the Spanish border, wine has been grown for more than 2000 years. Laurent Miquel has over 160 hectares of vineyards with naturally low-yielding vines of the best age. The fields are located at Lagrasse in Corbières and high up in the hills of Saint Chinian.

Passion for fields and vines
The "secret ingredient" that puts Laurent Miquel's wines in a class of its own is Laurent's deep passion for both fields and vines. It results in grapes of exceptionally high quality. We always try to improve from year to year, says Laurent Miquel, who also grows her grapes according to "culture raisonée" or Biodynamic principles. Laurent specializes in creating wines on the noble grape varieties Syrah and Viognier, which thrive extraordinarily well in the area around Saint Chinian.

Pere et Fils Syrah - Grenache
With a classic grape composition of 70% Syrah and 30% Grenache, this delicious wine of southern France, sun, garrigue and ripe, juicy fruit oozes. The tannin structure is silky and the rich taste makes Pere et Fils Syrah-Grenache a winner for game, lamb, beef and much like from the grill.

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