Mas des Bressades Tradition ROUGE 20

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Costières de Nîmes is one of my favorite wine regions in the south of France. The best wines from this region deliver value reminiscent of its neighbors in Languedoc to the west while showcasing rustic garrigue-inspired complexity and bold, rich, and ripe fruit flavors. Originally classified as a part of the Languedoc, growers in Costières de Nîmes banded together in 1988 to have their wines reclassified as members of the more prestigious Rhone AOC - an effort that has paid off splendidly.

The wines of Costières de Nîmes vividly reflect the region's exceptional terroir: lively acidity provides buoyancy and support for voluptuous, leathery, smooth tannins; blackberry jamminess melds seamlessly with dark berry flavors underpinned by smoky spice notes.

Here in Costières de Nimes, the warm and gentle Mediterranean climate is perfect for growing Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre.  The region's wines owe much of their complexity and character to the "garrigue" (the local term for the wild aromatic herbs, trees, and shrubs that grow in the area). There's no doubt that the flavors of the countryside make their way into the wines, from the wild floral aromas of rosemary and thyme to hints of eucalyptus and pine.

Twenty kilometers outside the historic center of Nîmes, you'll find Mas des Bressades, one the most noteworthy producers in the Costières de Nîmes. The estate has been in the same family for six generations, firmly planted in the stony hillsides of this stunning wine region. Mas des Bressades strikes a fine balance between modern technology and traditional winemaking techniques in the vineyard and cellar to create wines that appeal to a global audience while still paying homage to the winery's roots.

Mas des Bressades' 2020 Cuvée Tradition red is positively stunning, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a wine with more complexity, personality, and authenticity at this price. This southern French gem made up of 55% Grenache and 45% Syrah, is full-flavored, balanced, spicy, and complex, with juicy red and black berry fruit flavors. l find it extremely enjoyable with or without food, and with the holiday season quickly approaching, you'll want to stock up.

It will pair nicely with grilled red meats, stews, braises, burgers, and chops; however, it really shines when paired with grilled rosemary-rubbed lamb chops.

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