Mas de Guiot Crocodile Rose 20

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If, like me, you're a fan of the Cornut brother's Reds, you'll be delighted to know that their Rosé is superb as well. Their 2020 bottling is a beautifully balanced blend of 80% Grenache and 20% Syrah. All the elements of a great Rosé are here in spades: great density of fruit, mouthwatering acidity, subtle notes of spice and salinity, and a super-clean dry finish.
After a quick swirl, red berry, strawberry, raspberry, honeysuckle, and lavender notes leap from the glass, introducing a palate of strawberry, watermelon, pomegranate, and red berry. There's a gorgeous density and weight to this Rosé, and I would describe it as a rich, medium-bodied pink -- think Provencal color and fruit, with Languedoc richness and spice. It's nimble enough to enjoy with fish and shellfish, yet rich enough to stand up to grilled fare.
Since the brothers focus mainly on Red wine production, they produce very limited quantities of White and even less Rosé. There's an international feeding frenzy that begins when their Rosé is released, and it always sells out in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, I put my order in with the brothers before it was even bottled. Don't miss this one, for my money, it's one of this year's best deals in Rosé.
Insider Note:
Château Guiot "Crocodile" Rosé is the new vintage of the popular "Flamingo" Rosé that we featured a few years back. This new vintage features the family's property name and a crocodile on the label instead of the flamingo motif. Keep an eye out for the arrival of their 2020 Chardonnay release!
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