Oysterman Muscadet 20

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The Ollivier Frères estate in Maisdon-sur-Sèvre has passed from father to son since the 17th Century and is currently owned and managed by brothers Jean-Luc and Guy Ollivier. Their vineyards are located on the sunny hillsides between the Sèvre and Maine Rivers that provide the region's appellation name -- Muscadet Sèvre et Maine.


The vines that produce Oysterman grow on granite, sand, and clay soils and range between forty and sixty years old. Jean-Luc and Guy Ollivier are dedicated vignerons, working their 30-hectare estate sustainably and entirely by hand. The result in the bottle is beautifully balanced and graceful wines that express the region's true terroir. 


The Oysterman cuvée is an exclusive, collaborative blend made by the Ollivier brothers and importer Frederick Corriher. The grapes are hand-harvested, and the wine is aged entirely in stainless steel. The wine is bottled on demand throughout the year and right before shipment to preserve its gorgeous freshness and verve.


In the glass, you can certainly look forward to the classic notes of bracing citrus and minerality. As the wine warms in your glass, it also picks up a subtle touch of fleshy richness, allowing more versatility with food pairings.


If you love zippy freshness and minerals in your white wine, this is the one you want!



"What I love most about this wine we've created is its versatility

as both a delicious, refreshing apéritif or as a compliment to

some of our favorite dishes. Of course, Muscadet is classically

paired with oysters and is known for its verve and minerality.

This wine has that in spades, and we love chilling it down and

serving it with both oysters and other shellfish or seafood like

a lowcountry boil or a crudo. But, when the wine warms just a

touch, its floral and fruit components are very much unleashed,

and it can then be paired with 'bigger' dishes like grilled fish or

spicy Asian cuisine." — Frederick Corriher, July 2018

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