Patient Cottat Loire Sauvignon Blanc Grand Caillou 20

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Once again this year, Sauvignon Blanc has been one of our most popular whites of the season. It’s a terrific thirst quencher, it pairs wonderfully with all sorts of cuisine, and of course, it’s brilliant with goat cheese! Sauvignon Blanc is grown worldwide, yet most will agree that France’s Loire Valley is the epicenter.

When it comes to Sauvignon Blanc in the Loire, the Fournier family is a force to be reckoned with. They’ve been farming there for generations and are the largest landholder of vineyards in the region. Patient Cottat is one of the family’s projects, sourced from vineyards in and around the small village of Verdigny in the Sancerre AOC. The project is an homage to a mid-19th century Master Goldsmith named Patient Cottat.

This zippy and refreshing white will surely make all Sauvignon Blanc lovers smile! It features lovely notes of pomelo and citrus, wrapped in an ample dose of minerals and salinity. There’s something here for lovers of the Loire and the Marlborough. You can easily recognize this wine’s Sancerre lineage!

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