Paul Mas Claude Val Rose 22

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If you're looking for the perfect easy-going summer Pink and White, then Paul Mas Claude Val is for you! As I often opine, the Languedoc is a treasure trove of value-driven wines, and the Claude Val label from Domaine Paul Mas is the epitome of uncomplicated, easy-drinking pleasure.

Domaine Paul Mas is into its fourth generation of family winemakers, with current owner Jean-Claude Mas taking over in 2000. He's successfully combined traditional winemaking techniques with innovative ideas, creating a renaissance of the Paul Mas labels while extending their footprint in the Languedoc and their presence on the international market. Today, the vineyards stretch over 850 hectares across numerous Languedoc appellations, producing a vast range of wines, from best-buy bargains to cellar-able treasures.  

The Claude Val Rosé, a fresh, bright blend of Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah, is like a Mediterranean summer day in your glass. The lovely pale pink hue leads to delicate aromas of red fruits and wild strawberries, and on the palate, it's nicely balanced with a crisp verve that enhances the juicy red fruit flavors. The finish is refreshingly clean and dry, immediately inviting a second sip. It's an ideal match for Mediterranean cuisine, grilled salmon, Niçoise salad, and grilled poultry. 

Paul Mas Claude Val wines are made for casual enjoyment, and they're perfect candidates for summer sipping on the porch, at the beach, and gatherings with friends and family. Stock up on these easy-drinking gems for your late-summer, early fall beach and lake trips!

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