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Secluded in Spain's far northwest, the Rias Baixas wine region defies Spain's typical stereotypical dry and dusty landscape. The Atlantic coast of Galicia is lush and green, and here the winding rivers and fjords forge a landscape that, at first glance, is more reminiscent of Ireland than the rest of Spain.


Rias Baixas is inextricably linked to its most famous export: white wines made with the native grape varietal Albariño. Albariño has been grown in Rias Baixas for centuries, giving local winemakers invaluable experience with the grape. The recent meteoric rise in popularity of Albariño is thanks to the unique terroir of Rias Baixas. Maritime influences from the Atlantic, combined with the region's granite and schist soils, produce wines with high natural acidity, citrus flavors, and a gorgeous whisper of sea spray minerality.


The Pazo de Rubianes winery is situated on one of the largest single parcels of vineyard land in Rias Baixas. The rolling hills of vineyards surround an internationally acclaimed botanical garden that features a stunning collection of 4500 camellias. The estate is a notable stop on vineyard and botanical tours and is recognized as an International Camellia Garden of Excellence.


The vineyards are located a stone's throw away from the Atlantic Ocean, and this maritime influence is beautifully displayed in the wines' clean, bright, and subtly salty texture. Grapes are hand-harvested, fermented with ambient yeasts in stainless steel, and aged on the lees for just a few short months. Only light filtration and no fining are completed during bottling, and sulfur is kept to a minimum. 


The Pazo de Rubianes Albariño is the epitome of refreshing, and after a quick swirl, you're treated to light and airy aromas of white flower, peach, and lemon. Citrus and stone fruit dance around a palate with just the right amount of weight and texture from the time spent on the lees. The lengthy finish features a lovely briny minerality and a lingering hint of citrus zest, honeysuckle, freshly-cut herbs, lemon curd, and tropical fruits. 


Enjoy this top-quality Albariño with any iteration of seafood, shellfish, or light poultry dishes. 


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