Spoken West Chardonnay 18

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When it comes to West Coast Chardonnay in the best-buy range, it's similar to hunting down a bargain Cab -- and equally as tough to find good quality at an affordable price. I'm always delighted to find a West Coast Chardonnay that's rich and balanced while also retaining the grape's varietal characteristics.
Jamey's Spoken West Chardonnay is classic West Coast -- rich, creamy, and full-bodied, yet balanced and not at all over the top. The golden straw color introduces a nose of ripe stone fruits with hints of jasmine and toasty vanilla. On the palate, peach, pear, and tropical fruit notes meet and mingle into a super smooth finish.
This is another one of Jamey's wines that drinks well above its price point. Pull a cork on this one on an evening when you don't want to crack that $30 Chard -- you won't be disappointed!
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