Suavia Soave Classico 20

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If you were to ask wine drinkers today to name the most famous Italian white wine, chances are they would say Pinot Grigio. That hasn't always been the case, and if you asked that same question thirty or forty years ago, the answer would have certainly been Soave.

In the 1980s, Soave became the most imported white wine in America. Large corporate wine manufacturers bombarded the airwaves with over-the-top television ads that looked more like out-takes from a Godfather movie. Magazine ads featured Italian royalty dressed in designer suits, leisurely sipping glasses of Soave in the garden of their medieval castle.

Sauve quickly became a resounding commercial success; however, there was just one problem -- the wines were terrible. The exports of Soave sent to America bore little or no resemblance to the proper, authentic wines produced by small family estates in the region. Sadly, all the marketing and hype tarnished the name, and it would take close to a generation for the true wines of Soave to recover.

There's excellent Soave made today by the dozens of small family estates in the region. The Tessari family, owners of the Suavia estate, is one of those families that helped reclaim the reputation of Soave. Although it did take some time, Soave has very nicely recovered from the damage inflicted by the large corporate wineries of the 1980s.

The Suavia estate has been in the Tessari family since the early 1800s, and until the late 1970s, the family grew grapes for sale to the giant wine manufacturers of the region. That all changed in 1982 when Giovanni Tessari and his wife Rosetta began to crush their own grapes to make the estate's first wines. Today, you'll find three of Giovanni and Rosetta's four daughters running the estate.

In your glass, you'll immediately note vibrant aromas of yellow apple, pear, tropical fruits, and herbs. The juicy palate has nice creamy notes that are perfectly balanced by cool minerality and fresh, lively acidity, and trademark hints of almond. It's a harmonious white that perfectly balances all elements from your first sip to the last.

Pair this with grilled or seared white meats, pork tenderloin, and grilled white-fleshed fish.

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