Tavernello Vino Rosso NV

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If you have fond recollections of long-time AWM customer favorites like Tomato Man and Trevini Rosso, you'll definitely want to take note of Tavernello Vino Rosso, our newest "super-best-buy." Like its popular predecessors, Tavernello delivers a silky-smooth sipping experience while offering exceptional value, making it a natural successor to those much-loved old favorites.

Caviro Cooperativa is a testament to the power of collaboration in the wine world, and Tavernello Rosso is the group's flagship wine. The coop is an incredible confluence of vineyard holdings spanning 40,000 hectares of Italy's most productive grape-growing regions. Even more remarkable is the number of winemakers and families involved in the cooperative — over 13,000 growers and 37 member wineries contribute to the coop's success.

In the winemaking world, big doesn’t always equate to bad quality in the bottle. Contrary to popular belief, a well-managed cooperative can often deliver quality-driven wines on par, and even superior, to estate-bottled wines. The inherent value in cooperative wines lies in the group's diverse experience and expertise, shared resources, and a collective commitment to quality that’s hard to beat.

Tavernello isn't just another pretty label perched in the vast landscape of wine brands; it is the top-selling wine label in Italy. Considering Italy's incredible wine heritage, that's saying something! Tavernello's popularity doesn’t just stop at the Italian border; it's ranked among the top ten popular wine brands on the planet, another testament to its universal appeal.

In your glass Tavernello Vino Rosso offers a captivating aroma, filled with notes of ripe cherries, fresh herbs, and a touch of earthiness. When it comes to flavor, expect a robust yet smooth experience: a mix of red fruit like cherries and plums, balanced by moderate tannins and a hint of spice. It's a wine that's both approachable and satisfying.

For the perfect culinary companion, consider pairing Tavernello Vino Rosso with classic Italian red sauce creations. It goes excellently with pasta marinara, meaty lasagnas, or even a simple Margherita pizza. Its versatility also extends beyond Italian cuisine; try it with grilled meats or even a hearty beef stew.

Drinking Tavernello Vino Rosso will evoke a nostalgic experience, reminding you of every red-checkered tablecloth restaurant you've dined in. The ambiance of cozy, family-owned Italian trattorias seems almost embedded in each sip, transporting you to a place where the food is hearty, the company is delightful, and the wine flows as generously as the laughter.

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