Thresher Sauv Blanc 20

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Our favorite Chilean Sauvignon Blanc returns in a new vintage

Much like Chardonnay, selecting Sauvignon Blanc for the shop is a pretty tricky business. The multitude of styles and countries of origin seem endless, and while the Marlboro in New Zealand may be the favorite of some folks, others will only drink Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire. If there is one Sauvignon Blanc that would make everyone happy, it would probably come from Chile. The Thresher Sauvignon Blanc from Pablo Morandé at Casa Julia Estate is a great one to try.
Pablo Morandé is one of the founding fathers of winemaking in Chile, and his influence helped to elevate the quality and reputation of Maipo Valley. Pablo is firmly rooted and represented in the history of Chilean wine production, and began his career as one of the lead winemakers at Concha y Toro -- a very well-regarded Chilean vineyard, famous for the critically acclaimed benchmark Concha y Toro Melchor.


Pablo Morandé in the vineyards at Casa Julia
Morandé has crafted a terrific Sauvignon Blanc that beautifully reflects the terroir of Chile's Central Valley. The mixture of gravel, laterite, and sandy loam soils contributes just the right amount of mineral underpinning to balance the famously rich and ripe fruit typical of Chilean wines.

It's hard to believe that a Sauvignon Blanc with this much personality can be so budget-friendly. Tropical and citrus fruit notes lead the aromatics and palate with additional notes of fresh herbs that deftly steer clear of grassy notes.

Thresher Sauvignon Blanc is another terrific wine that comes to us from our friend and former AWM staff member Kate Stamps of Rise over Run -- so stock up on this one and support two local, independent businesses!

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