Trevini Sangiovese Rubicone NV

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Over the last couple of years, this easy-going Sangiovese has become the all-time best seller at the shop. It’s the usual M.O. of many locals to work a few of these into every mixed case they purchase. Once you try it, you’ll know why!
Haven’t tried a bottle yet? 
Wondering what it’s like?
Fire up some pasta with red sauce, pop in a Perry Como or Louis Prima 8-Track, and this little gem of a wine will take you right back to your favorite Red-Checkered-Table-Cloth Italian Restaurant. Like that restaurant, it’s simple and uncomplicated, but oh so good! It’s all about quaff-able bright red fruit, and while it’s a no-brainer with pasta and pizza, it would also do a great job in extinguishing the flames of spicy BBQ or Cajun. Grab a case of this Italian gem… it should just fit in the trunk of your red Fiat.
Bonus: It’s an estate produced wine at a better price than supermarket plonk!
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