Vecchia Torre Leverano Rosato 22

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I've watched the Rosé I pour into my glass over the last few years become lighter and lighter. It's true; the trend has moved to the paler end of pink, with vignerons racing to produce the fairest of the pale. While this is great news for the pinks of Provence, and I dearly love those, I've found it quite disappointing to see this trend take hold worldwide. I was especially pleased to see Vecchia Torre side-step the pale pink bandwagon, and their electric-hot-pink 2020 is an absolutely gorgeous site in the glass!

In 1959, a group of fifty farmers joined together to form Cantina Social Cooperative Vecchia Torre. Through the years, the Coop has grown to more than 1250 families, successfully uniting scores of abandoned and fragmented vineyards, preserving the region's winemaking culture and tradition.

The vibrant 2020 Levarano Rosé is made from 80% Negroamaro and 20% Malvasia Nera. The blue-black skins of the grapes are in contact during fermentation for 24-48 hours, producing the wine's deep pink hue.

In the glass, the hot-pink color opens to vibrant aromas of raspberry, plum, and melon, leading to a super lively palate of cherry, strawberry, red raspberry, and hints of watermelon. There's a lovely plushness to the palate, and I love the subtle savory notes that keep the finish fresh and clean. Keep a supply of this terrific Rosé on hand for spicy cajun and creole and it will be a hit at your poolside grill parties!

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