Vicinus Vinho Verde 21 ltr

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We've sold oceans of Vinho Verde over the years -- it's one of our favorite summer porch-sippers. To make the cut and find a spot on our shelf, a Vinho Verde must be light, zippy, and fresh with just a slight hint of spritz. Of course, it also needs to be value-driven and friendly to the wallet. Vicinus Vinho Verde checks all those boxes; the bonus is that it's a full liter of fresh, zippy, porch-sipping goodness.

Quinta da Raza is located in the sub-region of Celorico de Basto in the southeast corner of the Vinho Verde DOC. The family's history in local viticulture dates back to the early 17th century, and until recent years, the family sold their full harvest to local cooperatives.

The Quinta da Raza vineyards feature a unique combination of granite, schist, and clay not often found in the Vinho Verde DOC. The higher-than-average vineyard elevation and proximity to the Tamaga River create the perfect microclimate to ensure proper ripeness.

In your glass, you'll love the fresh, citrusy zip and zing that greets the palate, providing the perfect antidote to any hot summer day. Lemon, lime, tangerine, peach, and fruit blossoms all dance on the palate, finishing with a clean lively dryness that begs for another sip.


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