Apuliae Primitivo di Manduria 22

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Puglia, the sun-soaked heel of Italy's boot, boasts a rich, ancient history of viticulture and wine-making that dates back to the 8th century BC. Throughout the centuries, Puglia's fertile plains and picturesque hills have been home to a wealth of significant cultural and historical sites, each leaving its unique footprint on the region's agriculture and wine-making heritage.
In this landscape of agricultural abundance, the standout grape is Primitivo. Puglia's warm Mediterranean climate, with its generous sunshine and refreshing sea breezes, provides the perfect environment for this dark-skinned varietal, rewarding vignerons with rich and robust red wines.

The best Primitivo is sourced from carefully selected sub-regions in Puglia, particularly from vineyards around Taranto and the broader Salento peninsula. Here, the region's perfect climate and centuries of viticultural knowledge and tradition result in wines that beautifully highlight Puglia's unique terroir. Primitivo di Manduria is widely recognized as one of the leading DOCs in Puglia, producing exceptional Primitivo-based wines.

In your glass, the deep ruby-red color of "Apuliae" Primitivo di Manduria leads to rich aromas of blackberry and plum, complemented by notes of baking spice and tobacco leaf. The rich, velvety, full-bodied palate lingers nicely throughout the long, satisfying finish with a harmonious balance of smooth dark fruit, surprisingly ample lift, and silky-soft tannins. It's interesting to note that Primitivo and American Zinfandel share a genetic connection, highlighting this grape variety's global importance and adaptability.

"Apuliae" Primitivo di Manduria will pair exceptionally well with Classic Italian cuisine, especially hearty dishes that match its intensity and complexity. Flavorful pasta dishes with rich meat sauces, grilled or roasted red meats, and aged cheeses would be top choices for perfect pairings. The velvety-rich fruit and smooth tannins also allow this bold red pair well with moderately spicy dishes and barbecued meats.

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