Bodega Verde Carinena Blanco 22

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Bodega San Valero, the oldest winery in Cariñena and the third oldest in Spain, is a forward-thinking cooperative founded in 1940. With 700 regional associates, including 500 winegrowers, the group is a testament to the power of regional wine cooperatives. It deftly merges traditional winemaking practices with advanced vineyard management and production methods, resulting in wines that excel in quality and value. 


A key focus of Bodega San Valero is the cultivation of indigenous grapes, particularly Garnacha, which includes 70% of the group's vineyards. This emphasis has fueled a new appreciation for the rich, concentrated wines produced from the region's old vines, many of which are over 100 years old. These wines offer complex, full-bodied, mineral-driven nuance at amazingly accessible price points. 


In 2010, Bodega San Valero began a new collaboration with a small, family-owned organic vineyard to launch Bodega Verde. This project marked the coop's exclusive shift towards certified organic wine production and a shared commitment with its growers for sustainable, organic viticulture. Through this partnership, Bodega Verde captures the unique slate terroir of Aragón while drawing on the grower's 150 years of viticultural history.


Bodega Verde is a true champion of environmental stewardship. Their operating philosophy places the planet's health and well-being at the forefront, completely eschewing synthetic fertilizers and relying on beneficial insects for pest control. This unwavering commitment to sustainability permeates all aspects of production, from meticulously managed vineyards to eco-friendly packaging.


Bodega Verde's commitment to full-scope green winemaking is unparalleled. In addition to being pesticide and herbicide-free in its vineyards and completely natural in the winery and cellar, the estate uses rice paper and vegetable glue for its labels and biodegradable closures.


In your glass, Bodega Verde Macabeo greets on the nose with aromas of citrus, green apple and white flowers. The medium-bodied palate is a melange of green apple, and pear with hints of peach and white flowers lingering nicely through the finish. Pair this lovely medium-bodied white with poultry, white meats, white-fleshed fish, and mild Spanish cheeses. 


If you're a fan of Rhône style blends, you'll love the Bodega Verda Garnacha Syrah. You're on the right track if you think of it as a softer and richer Côtes du Rhône. Juicy red berry from the Garnacha intermingles with the body and structure of the Syrah, creating a lovely red that finishes dry with great density of fruit while remaining soft and silky around the edges. A top pick to pair with casual cuisine, burgers, and meats from the grill.

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