Bonsegna Negroamaro 19

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Often referred to as "the heel of the boot," Puglia is a sun-kissed stretch of rural beauty extending more than 480 miles along the Adriatic coast. The region is undoubtedly well-suited for beach life; however, the ideal climate here also is perfect for agriculture. Puglia is responsible for producing more than half of Italy's olive oil, and these days, it's also home to some terrific, affordable wines.

Puglia is a top bet for inexpensive, fruit-forward, nuanced wines. This sunny, dry region consistently delivers some of Italy's most reasonably priced red wines with plenty of classic Italian character. Local vignerons craft these outstanding reds almost entirely from regional, indigenous grape varieties, including Negroamaro, Primitivo, and Bombino Nero. These regional gems are dark in color, robust in body, and pair like a dream with a practically infinite variety of foods.

Alessandro Bonsegna is the third generation vigneron to run the family winery in Puglia after inheriting vineyards and winemaking skills from his father, Primo Michele Bonsegna. The family's vineyards are spread across 25 hectares in the rural countryside of Nardò, bordering the stunning Natural Park of Porto Selvaggio.

The Bonsegna family are true stewards of the land and employ various farming techniques that avoid the need for fertilizers and pesticides. In addition to the native grapes of Negroamaro, Primitivo, and Malvasia Nera of Lecce, grows several white varietals, including Malvasia Bianca, Garganega, and Chardonnay.

Notes of plum, blackberry, and black cherry all dance on the nose and palate and mingle with hints of earth and fresh herbs. There's an amazing amount of lift and freshness in this gorgeous medium-bodied red, keeping the palate lively throughout the lengthy finish.

Pair with pasta, pizza, red sauce dishes, roasted chicken, pork tenderloin, and lighter red meat dishes.

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