Brendel Cooper's Reed Cabernet Sauvignon 19

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Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is almost universally regarded as the Rolls Royce of West Coast Cabernet Sauvignon. The Valley's nearly perfect climate of warm days and cool nights provides the ideal growing conditions for the grape, resulting in wines with tremendous fruit intensity, robust tannins, and a remarkable ability to age. The well-drained soils of Napa Valley, combined with the famously meticulous vineyard management, add up to super-complex and structured wines that make enthusiasts and collectors worldwide a bit giddy and weak in the knees.

If you think there's a catch, you're correct, and it's a big one. Here's the rub — thanks to its prestige and collectability, Napa Cab usually sports a pretty hefty price tag. Limited production, high demand, relentless hype in the wine press, and increasing labor and logistics costs continue to drive up prices. Perhaps the main culprit is the cost of real estate in Napa Valley. It's easily some of the most expensive vineyard property in the world, certainly adding a couple more nickels to the cost of each bottle. 

With that in mind, you can understand why we're thrilled here at the shop when we discover a classic, quality-driven, organically produced Napa Cab that we can offer to locals and insiders for 30 bucks. Say hello to Brendel's Cooper's Reed Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

Brendel Winery is owned by the venerable Napa icon Heitz Cellars — one of the original Napa winemaking trailblazers and a benchmark for quality and consistency in the region. Brendel Winery is a relatively new name in the Napa wine scene, and it marks an exciting and ambitious new chapter in Heitz Cellars' history. The goal at Brendel is to make exceptional wines accessible to a broader audience at more reasonable prices while maintaining Heitz's high standards.

As with Heitz, Brendel is a practicing advocate of sustainable and organic farming, emphasizing quality with a keen focus on sustainability and responsible viticulture. Their firm commitment to organic practices in the vineyard and winery yields a crystal-clear expression of Napa Valley terroir in total harmony with the environment.

In 2020, Heitz Cellar and Brendel began converting to biodynamic viticulture, an approach that goes beyond organic farming to preserve the regional environment. Biodynamic practices view the vineyard as a complete ecosystem, incorporating lunar cycles and natural preparations to improve soil and vine health.

Their slogan, "Purveyors of Purity," is more than marketing jargon. It succinctly sums up their philosophy of producing pure, authentic wines free from unnecessary intervention in the vineyard and cellar. By allowing the natural characteristics of the grapes to shine through without excessive manipulation or additives, Brendel offers a genuine and unadulterated expression of Napa Valley terroir.

The 2019 Brendel 'Cooper's Reed' Cabernet Sauvignon is a prime example of the Brendel-Heitz philosophy in action. This Cab showcases the rich, dark fruit flavors and balanced structure that are trademarks of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.  

In your glass, Brendel Cooper's Reed Cabernet Sauvignon opens with vivid notes of plum, blackberry, and tobacco leaf on the nose, with subtle hints of cedar and vanilla framing the fruit. The dark fruit aromas lead to a bold yet silky palate that trumpets dark cherry, ripe blackberry, and a hint of espresso. Ripe and beautifully balanced tannins sing through the clean, lingering finish. 

 Pair this gorgeous Napa Cab with your favorite grilled steaks — we love it with grilled ribeye —  roasted leg of lamb. For a terrific vegetarian option, enjoy it with wild mushroom risotto. 

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