Chamonix Rouge 20

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The Chamonix Wine Farm is located southeast of Paarl in the Franschhoek Valley, centered on 300 hectares of breathtakingly pristine natural beauty. It's surrounded on three sides by the Eastern Slopes of the Franschhoek Mountains, and the streams flowing down from the slopes provide perfect natural irrigation. 


The estate is steeped in history and features vineyards planted on some of the highest slopes in the region. The region's name Franschhoek translates to French Corner, and the area's rich history in wine production began with the influx of the French Huguenots in the late 1600s. 


All vineyards on the estate are maintained without the use of chemicals or fertilizers. Instead, organic mulch and compost are plowed back into the soil, and green-harvesting (low yields per hectare) eliminates any chance of over-cropping. 


Grapes for the Chamonix Rouge blend are hand-selected and hand-sorted. In the winery, they respect the region's traditional wine-making methods, using spontaneous fermentation, natural, native yeasts, and avoiding acidification.


After gaining valuable experience in the cellars and vineyards of Stella Bella Winery in West Australia and Ponzi Vineyards in Oregon, Neil Bruer returned to his native South Africa to become the head winemaker of Chamonix. 


Click on this video link for a message to AWM customers from Chamonix winemaker Neil Bruwer. (The video is a little fuzzy -- Neil recorded and sent this from a 3g cell phone)


In your glass, the Chamonix Rouge opens with a deep ruby hue introducing aromas of red and black currant, blackberry, cedar, brown spice, and vanilla. The palate is a real treat providing a solid hit of juicy, rich fruits, notably blackberry, black currant, and plum. 


There's a lovely elegance to this Bordeaux-style blend that makes it perfectly suitable for the dinner table or just casual summer sipping on the deck. Pair this lovely red with all of your summer grilling adventures.

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