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The Loire Valley, a region that meanders along the Loire River from the Atlantic coast near Nantes to the center of France near Orleans, is at the top of everyone's travel list thanks to its breathtaking scenery, fairy-tale Châteaux, and, most notably, its incredible range of wines. These days, whites from the Loire are on fire with popularity, particularly those made from Sauvignon Blanc; however, the region's red wines definitely warrant reciprocal acclaim.

The region's terroir is incredibly diverse, traversing a vast swath across middle France. The varying climates and soil types play a crucial role in producing exceptional red wines, shattering the monolithic perception that the region only excels in white varietals.

Wines made from Gamay are prized for their expressive fruit, low tannins, and bright lift. In the Middle Loire Valley, Gamay presents an elegant restraint compared to Gamay from the Beaujolais. With its cooler climate and tuffeau limestone-rich soil, Loire Gamay showcases a delicate balance of focused red fruit flavors with a subtle earthiness. It is typically lighter in body compared to its Beaujolais counterparts.

Although both regions utilize Gamay's remarkable ability to adapt to local terroir, the Middle Loire Valley showcases a more reserved and mineral-driven expression. In addition to the variation in terroir, the carbonic winemaking process used in Beaujolais produces wines that are notably more fruit-driven.

Château Montdomaine has a rich history spanning five centuries of family winemaking in the Middle Loire commune of Amboise. Frédéric Plou and his wife Louisa purchased Château de Montdomaine in 2015, and they've worked tirelessly to revitalize their historic estate. This rebirth punctuates their unwavering commitment to preserving the estate's remarkable history while infusing it with contemporary vigor, aiming to produce the best terroir-driven wines.

The Plou family's foundational operating philosophy promotes complete harmony with nature. It emphasizes wine production that reflects the estate's unique terroir by adhering to traditional winemaking methods and clean, sustainable farming practices. In 2020, the Plou family embarked on their path toward organic certification, doubling down on their commendable commitment to environmental sustainability and transparency in their winemaking practices.

In your glass, Château Montdomaine Gamay's ruby-red hue leads to a vibrant nose of earthy red fruits and spice. The palate is brimming with red fruit and minerals, making this a perfectly chillable red for lunch or afternoon enjoyment on the porch or patio. During dinner, the crisp, crunchy red fruit of this vibrant Gamay pairs wonderfully with poultry and pork, and we also love it with grilled salmon or tuna.

Château Montdomaine Gamay is another truly Local-Global offering from Asheville importer and former AWM staff member Kate Stamps. When you purchase and enjoy this terrific red, you'll be happy to know you're supporting three local, independent, small businesses!



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