Chateau de Montdomaine Touraine Sparkling NV

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Champagne is synonymous with luxury and celebration and is regarded by wine lovers as the Rolls Royce of sparkling wine. It may hold the top spot; however, Champagne isn't the only game in town when it comes to sparkling wine from France.

Crémant, a sparkling wine produced in various regions outside Champagne, offers a compelling and, most often, more affordable alternative. Crémant adheres to strict production methods similar to Champagne's, including the 'méthode traditionnelle,' where the second fermentation occurs in the bottle. This secondary fermentation in the bottle imparts complexity and nuance that can easily rival the quality and finesse of many Champagnes.

The diversity of terroirs and grape varieties across regions like Alsace, Loire, and Burgundy contribute to Crémant's unique expressions. This variety of terroir and typically lower prices make Crémant an excellent value-driven alternative for those seeking a Champagne-like experience without the Champagne price tag. This super-tasty sparkler from Château Montdomaine is a perfect example of the value of a regional Crémant.

Louisa and Frédéric Plou are the current owners of Château de Montdomaine, continuing the estate's rich family history. The property has been deeply linked with viticulture and winemaking in the region for centuries, tracing its roots back to the local origins of the Plou family, making them one of the oldest winemaking families in the Loire Valley. The Plou family's connection to viticulture dates back to 1508, and their ancestral vineyards are still a significant part of the estate today.

Château de Montdomaine Touraine Methode Traditionelle Sparkling Blanc is another fantastic hand-picked selection from our friend Kate Stamps. Kate has an incredible knack for searching out world-class wines that are ethically produced, environmentally friendly, and made by the nicest people.

In your glass, this lovely Loire sparkler is made from 100% Chenin Blanc and makes a terrific, price-friendly alternative to Champagne. In your glass, notes of white flowers, green apples, and pear greet on the nose, framed by a subtle touch of citrus zest. On the palate, an initial zip of citrus gives way to hints of brioche and almond, providing a lovely richness and smooth mouthfeel that balances the classic Touraine minerality throughout the finish.



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