Domaine Galantin Rouge Bandol 2018

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Bandol is a tiny wine-producing region on the southeast Mediterranean coast of France. Established in 1941, Bandol is celebrated for its robust and nuanced red and pink wines, primarily made from the Mourvèdre grape. Mourvèdre thrives in the region's unique terraced vineyards, sheltered by limestone hills and gently cooled by the mild breezes of the nearby Mediterranean Sea.

The distinctive terroir of Bandol features the combination of calcareous soil and sun-soaked climate, yielding red wines with deep color, rich texture, and complex notes of dark fruit, leather, and earth. In addition to the celebrated Bandol Rouge, this tiny AOC also produces an equally well-regarded pink. Bandol Rosé is fresh, aromatic, and full-bodied. It's a perfect Pink for year-round enjoyment -- insider note: the new vintage of Galantin Bandol Rosé is on the way and will arrive well in time for Thanksgiving.

The region's smaller output of white wines, crafted primarily from Clairette and Bourboulenc grapes, completes the Bandol AOC's range of extraordinary wines.

Domaine Le Galantin was established in 1972 by Achille and Lilianne Pascal, starting with just a few hectares of vineyards. Their gorgeous seaside vineyards have grown to more than 22 hectares, producing predominantly Mourvèdre and Clairette.

The sun-baked, steeply terraced vineyards dot the hills around the village of Plan-du-Castellet and are comprised of clay-limestone soil -- again, perfect for Mourvèdre. They even have a few hectares in the village of Bandol in a small area that has resisted the wave of seaside urbanization and commercialization.

Brother and sister Jérôme Pascal and Céline Devictor-Pascal have taken over the winery and vineyard operation. They are following in their parent's footsteps -- adhering to time-honored traditional farming methods and embracing organic viticulture and winemaking practices.

Domaine Galantin's Bandol Rouge is a perfect reflection of the rustic seaside terroir of Bandol. In your glass, Domaine le Galantin opens with an enticing blend of dark fruits on the nose, layered with nuances of leather, earth, and subtle hints of garrigue -- a nod to the wild herbs that grace the Provençal landscape.

The palate unfolds a rich tapestry of dark, dense fruit balanced by ripe tannins and a surprisingly refreshing lift. The middle palate moves towards a finish of red licorice, spices, and a lovely whisper of minerality. Domaine le Galantin Rouge perfectly represents the dance between power, finesse, and elegance that you find in top-quality reds from the Bandol AOC -- a vinous trip to Provence in every sip.

Pair this gorgeous red with your best beef braises, cassoulet, grilled meats, and, of course, lamb chops. We featured this at our Wine Dinner last week, and it paired like a dream with Chef Steve's braised beef.

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