Domaine Galantin Bandol Rosé 2020

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Pink is currently the hottest color in wine. Rosé isn’t a new trend — it just feels like that in this country. Europeans regularly consume the pink beverage all throughout the year… not only in the summer.


Aside from being a terrific thirst-quencher, dry Rosé is an absolutely brilliant wine to pair with a ton of foods when Red or White wine just won’t do the trick. The list is long, however, some of my favorites would include:

  • saffron-infused dishes, such as paella, arroz con pollo, risotto Milanese, and especially bouillabaisse
  • grilled and seared salmon and tuna
  • ham, anything ham
  • low country cuisine, notably shrimp and grits

n the glass, this delicious blend of 50 % Mourvèdre, 25 % Cinsault, and 25 % Grenache has everything I’m looking for in a Bandol Rosé. The lighter color and body of the 2018 offer more lifted freshness and won’t require any extended time in the bottle — this is a Bandol for immediate drinking pleasure and it will develop and drink like a dream through 2020!

Look for notes of spicy berry, peach, nectarine and just a hint of pink grapefruit. Thanks to the close proximity to the Med, there is a tender underpinning of salty minerality along with a whisper of tannin on the finish that ties it all together!

Pair this pink jewel with seafood of all types, chicken, pork, ham, and spicy ethnic cuisines.

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