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Cinsault is practically synonymous with the sun-drenched vineyards of southern France and is best known as the primary grape in the prized pink wines ubiquitous to the Mediterranean. Provençal Rosé, made with Cinsault, features a refreshing and fruity profile characterized by notes of ripe red berries and soft floral hints. It's the top favorite among Rosé enthusiasts across the globe, and sipping on one of these Cinsault-based perfect pink elixirs transports one to a sunny summer day on the Côte d'Azur.


While perfect for pink, Cinsault extends way beyond just Rosé production. In the south of France, it's also an essential blending grape, often mingling with beefier varieties like Grenache and Syrah to create the region's famously robust and structured reds. 


When Cinsault is allowed to shine on its own, it reveals a different side of its vinous personality. Vinified as a single-varietal red, Cinsault produces wines that are wonderfully fresh and lifted, with a medium-bodied palate of bright red fruit. If you're thinking Pinot Noir or Gamay's spicy, earthy, country cousin, you're on the right track. I'll reach for Cinsault when I'm on the hunt for a red wine that doesn't weigh heavily on the palate but still offers plenty of red-fruit depth and complexity.


Nestled between Narbonne and Carcassonne in the Languedoc's Minervois, Domaine des Homs is a prime example of the region's best practices in traditional viticulture and winemaking. Jean-Marc and Anne De Crozals manage this 20-hectare estate with a firm commitment to organic viticulture and winemaking, and the estate has been certified since 2009. 


In your glass, you'll find Domaine des Homs L'Amandier Cinsault drinks like a supercharged Pinot Noir and Gamay with a hint of Cabernet Franc on the finish. It's smooth and supple; however, there's plenty of power to stand up to various food pairings. 


Strawberry, red currant, red raspberry, and just a smidgen of blue fruits all wrap around notes of subtle spice and hints of white pepper. "L'Amandier" presents itself as the quintessential red wine for daily enjoyment. Its rich aroma, smooth texture, and lively finale offer a seamless sipping experience. Pair this medium-bodied red with grilled poultry, grilled pork, and lighter red meat preparations. 


If you want to step a little outside of the box with your Thanksgiving wine selection, L'Amandier Cinsault is an excellent choice and a great dip the toe in the pool of non-traditional pairings. It would make a standout addition to any holiday feast, deftly bridging the gap between classic and cutting-edge wine pairings. 


For more ideas and inspirations on unconventional wine pairings for your Thanksgiving table, look back at my article from last week. I take a little deeper dive into holiday wine pairings that venture beyond the expected.


The wines of Domaine des Homs are now directly imported by former AWM staff member Kate Stamps, owner of Rise over Run Imports. When you purchase and enjoy one of Kate's direct import wines, you can be sure you're supporting small independent businesses from grape to glass.



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