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Etcetera Wine Company deftly demonstrates the power of family collaboration in winemaking. At the helm of this venture are cousins David Duckhorn and Ryan Weinert. The partnership between the cousins isn't just familial; it's the perfect blending of distinct skill sets and passions. David Duckhorn's background in banking and extensive experience in the wine industry (yes, that Duckhorn) perfectly complements Ryan Weinert's innovative approach to winemaking. This collaboration of cousins is on a mission to craft reasonably priced, high-quality wines that are friendly and approachable, epitomizing the essence of everyday enjoyment.

Et Cetera Chardonnay is an excellent example of Duckhorn and Weinert's collaborative winemaking philosophy -- cool, laid-back, and built to charm the senses. In your glass, inviting notes of green apple and orchard fruits mingle with the subtle warmth of vanilla and just a whisper hint of oak. Et Cetera unfolds into layers of citrus and tropical fruits on the palate, lingering nicely through the finish. I love that the cousins decided to age Et Cetera in well-used, essentially neutral oak barrels. WIth that choice, they preserved the purity of fruit while adding a gorgeous, creamy mouthfeel.

Hammond and I found the Et Cetera Chardonnay remarkably food-friendly, successfully avoiding the usual pitfalls presented by heavily-oaked West Coast Chardonnay. The nicely lifted balance of fruit and acidity allows Et Cetera to pair beautifully with medium-bodied seafood dishes, such as grilled salmon or shrimp scampi. Poultry also works nicely with Et Cetera, and classic roast chicken with herbs will complement the wine's creamy texture and super-subtle oak notes. Creamy butternut squash risotto or a fresh arugula salad with pear and goat cheese showcase Et Cetera's talent for adapting to the richness and subtleties of vegetarian cuisine.

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