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The Mâcon AOC, in the heart of southern Burgundy, is one of my favorite places to source Chardonnay for AWM customers. The Mâcon has succeeded in carving out a distinct vinous identity separate from its northern neighbors in Burgundy's Côte-d'Or and Côte de Nuits.

Historically, the Mâcon has largely been overshadowed by these regions, known for their illustrious vineyards and often exorbitantly priced wines. The Mâcon leverages a number of favorable geographical and climatic advantages to produce top-quality Chardonnay that also presents a remarkable value.

The soils here, combined with the region's slightly warmer climate, promote the production of more approachable wines, enjoyable at a younger age. I find these wines to be a bargain for those seeking the elegance and clarity of Chardonnay from Burgundy without the hefty price tag. This affordability, coupled with a vigneron's vigilant commitment to quality, has gradually elevated the Mâcon to the top-selling White Burgundy here at the AWM.

The difference between the Mâcon and its northern counterparts in the Côte-d'Or and Côte de Nuits is not just geographical; it's also philosophical. The Côte-d'Or, and even more so in the Côte de Nuits, focus on producing wines meant to be aged.

Thanks to its more generous climate, Chardonnay from the Mâcon is generally lighter, more fruit-forward, and features significantly less oak treatment. The wines feature a youthful freshness that has cemented the Mâcon's appeal as a region where Chardonnay can be enjoyed in a more immediate, approachable style. For me, these wines provide an excellent introduction to the pleasurable nuance of White Burgundy at a more accessible price point.

During one of my first buying trips to France, some 12-14 years ago, my broker-negociant friend Ann and I first met Jean-Paul Paquet his son Yannick. We were immediately impressed by their passion and dedication, and this quickly led to the collaboration and creation of the Domaine des Granges label. Since that initial encounter, Yannick has taken over the reins, and the wines produced under the Domaine des Granges label have become an AWM staple and represent the foundation of our Burgundy selections.

The Paquet family settled in the Mâcon in the 1950s, first purchasing vineyard property in and around the village of Fuissé. The family's base of operation, Domaine De Fussiacus, is named after the Roman governor who founded the village of Fuissé. The estate's vineyard holdings stretch over gentle southeast-facing hills and feature the perfect combination of clay and limestone soils. Organically farmed vineyards, hand harvesting, and natural yeast inoculation all add up to stellar quality Chardonnay!

The village of Fuissé is recognized worldwide for its outstanding Chardonnay, hailing from some of the region's most respected and sought-after vineyards. Yannick's grandfather's visionary acquisition of vineyards here in the late 1960s to early 1970s turned out to be an incredible stroke of luck. The purchase featured vineyards at one of the highest elevations within the Mâcon-Fuissé AOC.

Early days in the newly purchased vineyards were rough-going and hampered by a myriad of challenges. These early years saw struggles with frost and ice, preventing the grapes from ripening adequately. Over the years, the impact of global warming gradually transformed these once-difficult vineyard sites into some of the most coveted in the Mâcon-Fuissé AOC. This dedication to location is truly a testament to the Paquet family's resilience, determination and adaptability.

In your glass, Domaine des Granges Mâcon-Fuissé is a wonderful translation of the rich terroir of its origins. It exudes a melange vibrant aromas, ranging from ripe green apples, pear and citrus zest blending with subtle undertones of toasted almonds and fresh brioche, courtesy of judicious aging in well-used French oak. The palate is a harmonious blend of generous fruit and lifting minerality, a signature of the limestone-rich soils of Fuissé. The elegant acidity and plush texture combine in a finish that is refreshing and nicely lingering finish -- successfully capturing the essence of the Mâcon-Fuissé terroir.

When it comes to pairing the Domaine des Granges Mâcon-Fuissé with food, the wine's versatility shines. Of course, all of the classic pairings will work like a charm, icluding delicate fish dishes like as poached salmon or seabass, and creamy poultry recipes that complement the wine's rich texture and vibrant acidity.

I find that this Mâcon-Fuissé also invites experimentation with non-traditional culinary combinations, such as gently spiced Thai or Vietnamese cuisine -- the wine's gorgeous acidity can cut through the richness of coconut-based curries or the freshness of spring rolls. Vegetarian dishes, like a creamy risotto or a goat cheese salad, also pair beautifully, showcasing the wine's ability to enhance a wide array of flavors.

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